Renato Leonard Capelj

Trading at Physik Invest. Journalism at Benzinga. Insights at SpotGamma.


For reporting, email [email protected].
Otherwise, email [email protected].
Telegram: @renatolcapelj
Discord: Renato Capelj#8625


Economics graduate working three jobs in finance and journalism.Founder, Physik Invest
After years of self-education, strategy development, mentorship, and trial-and-error, I began trading full-time and founded Physik Invest to detail my methods, research, and performance in the markets.
Equity Options Analyst, SpotGamma
Create insights around options market positioning for retail and institutional SpotGamma subscribers.
More specifically, distill the structure, pricing, and trade of options, as well as how the last-mentioned, in aggregate, has an impact on an underlying's realized volatility.Journalist and Project Leader, Benzinga
Interview the leaders of multinational companies to produce exclusive content.
Works include conversations with John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus and former CEO of Cisco, ARK Invest’s Catherine Wood, investor Kevin O’Leary, FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried, and many others.Beyond that, built a fintech newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers and led event planning initiatives.Additionally am published in Yahoo, MarketWatch, Insider, Entrepreneur, MSN, and more.

What Is Physik Invest?

Physik Invest is an actively managed, derivative-focused investment entity whose edge lies in ratioed, multi-leg strategies.For insights on the implications of credit and positioning, impactful events in finance and technology, as well as technical commentary on index products, subscribe to Physik Invest's daily markets newsletter.